When two partners are together surely there is contention between them. So there is nothing to worry about if couples have small conflicts with each other. But if you and your spouse are lacking love and fighting more, then there is something needs to have fixed. Such distressed Husband Wife Dispute Solution in Delhi affect negatively the entire family and the mental state of children.


The non-sense fights and repeated battles in your marriage can spoil your life. Regular arguments with your love partner can make both of you aggravate. To remove such husband-wife disputes the reasons much be observed closely. But even if you know the reason you can’t do much to solve the issues. Right? Because so-called Pride in you or your partner doesn’t allow you to do so.


If you are really pissed off and want to correct the disaster in your marriage then you must approach our talented astrologer Ranjit Shastri Ji. His huge work experience in the field of astrology and his successful career are evident for his outstanding performance in Delhi.

  • Astrologer Ranjit Shastri Ji is a relationship expert who counsels with couples one to one and gives time to get the proper insight into their marriage issues.
  • His Husband Wife Dispute solutions are based on the astrology techniques that include horoscope evaluation and horoscope prediction.
  • The marriage expert Ranjit Shastri Ji also looks for the illicit impacts of paranormal energies on the couples and their married life.
  • He deals with all the factors responsible for the dispute between husband and wife. For instance – children, finances, family interference, incompatibility etc.
  • He has approached thousands of married couples as Husband wife Dispute Specialist in Delhi for 20 years now.
  • His remarkable Husband Wife Dispute Solutions have been proved magic bullet in settling down the terrible issues between the couples.


  • Among the whole lot of reasons, the lack of mutual understanding is the chief. Couples when don’t value and validate their partners’ opinions and feelings then the conflict arise.
  • Incompatibility is another major cause for the difference and dispute between married couples. Lack of harmony in nature, likings, and disliking pave way for differences between them.
  • If couples differ in beliefs and values then also the disputes become persistent in their marriage.
  • In-laws interference between the couple’s mutual issues is also a problem. Misunderstandings are more likely to occur between husband and wife if some member is misguiding them.
  • Some couples may have contention between them for the financial reasons. Lack of organization of their financial responsibilities can make them feel financially saddled.
  • Likewise, lack of coordination of family responsibilities like shopping for the household, children rearing etc is also responsible for Disputes With Husband-Wife Married Life .
  • Mismatch in priorities of the couple also create conflicts between them.

Astrology is the Best Solution

Because your stars and planets shape your life, astrology measures are best if you happen to have an uneven situation in your married and professional life. To mitigate the negative effects of fierce planets on your life, you need the help of an astrologer who could suggest you the accurate remedies for the respective problem in your life.

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